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His Birth ...And Ours

“...She will give birth to a son, and you are to name him Jesus. Because he will save his people from their sins..” Matthew 1:21

“What are we doing for Thanksgiving?” Susan asked me a few weeks ago. To be honest, the question caught me off guard. I knew that Thanksgiving was coming, but in the mental calendar of my mind, it wasn’t yet time for Thanksgiving. And then driving in my car a week later, two weeks before Thanksgiving, I heard Christmas music on the radio. This is by far, the earliest I have ever heard them. Immediately following the Thanksgiving holiday begins the Christmas season, In the busyness of the season, each one of us needs, to take stock and contemplate the meaning of the Christmas event. Do you wonder why doesn’t everyone understand how Jesus can change their lives?
Christmas is the story of the birth of the Son of God. Most of the world knows the story, sings the carols and celebrates the event. The whole world recognizes that something very special happens on Christmas day. Does Christmas make everyone in the world Christian? The answer is obvious: “no.” Have you ever considered why the world fails to make the connection between Christmas and Jesus? Perhaps the answer is that they ignore the second birth, the birth of their spiritual life and understanding. What happened in Bethlehem so many years ago? God was made flesh in the form of a tiny baby. Sometimes I am unable to wrap my mind around this incredible event; God as a baby to save the world from its sins?! Over the course of thirty three years, Jesus would grow up fully human, fully divine. He would teach, preach, love and ultimately die for us. In his writing, Oswald Chambers offers this probing question about the new birth: “Have I allowed my personal life to become a Bethlehem for the Son of God?” What he is saying is that have you made a manger, a home for Christ in your heart? Have you allowed the Son of God to grace your life with faith? Want to celebrate Christmas with renewed meaning and hope? Would you like to celebrate Christmas everyday? As the “Christmas Season” begins, invite Christ into your lives, make Christ the reason not just for the season, but the reason for living.
Merry Christmas in the Name of Jesus

Pastor Harry

His Birth...And Ours