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“...for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances...I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation...I can do all this through Him who gives me strength. “
Phillipians 4:11-13

Entering the corporate word, I was trained by a seasoned,, forty year veteran of the company who had recently retired. There was something “mystical” about him and his length of service. For those who actually survived intact, not only for forty years, but returned as a consultant was rare, as burnout among its employees was the norm. Over the years, this man had seen and experienced the highs ad the lows, and imparted in me a realistic view of things in corporate. Through his anecdotes and pearls of wisdom, he gave me a sense of the corporate culture and what made each of the bosses I worked with “tick.” These were necessary “life skills” he learned to help him survive.
“There is nothing new in this company,” he once declared, “It is just a group of reactionaries.” This was a slap in the face to what every department manager tried to portray. What he meant was despite the passage of years and managers, despite the weekly strategic planning meetings and implementation of the latest management techniques, it was the same old thing. At the time, this truth was so profound, I could immediately understand what he meant. Now that I have the hindsight and maturity of time, I can see his axioms were true , not only for work, but also for life.
In Ecclesiastes, the Philosopher (aka Solomn) wrestles with the ambiguities of life and the attempt to derive meaning from them. Almost despondently he writes: “that there is nothing new under the sun.” Is his conclusion correct? Perhaps yes and no! While history often repeats itself, and challenges us, what if we looked at that statement as one of reassurance, hjope and promise without gloom? Watching the various satellite news programs this week, they focused on “the year in review.” I always pay special attention on how each news program presents the events of the year gone by, as well as introducing the New Year. Clearly there are themes, trends and points of view being presented, yet they differ drastically, depending on the network presenting the news. Does scriptures give us opinions about the future without ambiguity and confusion as followers of Christ? The answer is Yes!
If there was once consistent characteristic about life what would it be; how would you summarize it? I know there are many sayings, quotes, and philosophies out there similar to Solomon’s lament, Have you considered replacing them with the promise of the faithful ness of God in the world and the life of each believer? Once you embrace this spiritual truth, things begin to change. This was the secret to Paul’s success as the greatest Apostle for Jesus Christ. Once discovered and employed, we as the body of Christ, can move forward, handle all things that come our way; both blessings and challenges with the assurance that Christ is with us and for us. I can do all things through Christ is what Paul is saying to the church in Philippi and to us! As we usher in 2018, my prayer for you is this: may this be the year that you see that promised faithfulness. How? In the New Year, stay tuned and stay plugged into God, and he will surprise you with the wonders that exceed anything you could imagine.

Happy New Year!

Pastor Harry