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Calling All Men

Calling All Men

“When your days are fulfilled and you lie down with your fathers, I will raise up your offspring after you...He shall build a house for my name and I will establish the throne of his kingdom forever…”
2 Samuel 7:12-13

Working in restaurants for most of her career as a chef, my wife Susan always said that Mother’s Day was the busiest day in every restaurant. What about Father's Day? Maybe restaurants aren’t crowded on Father’s Day because the “manly” thing to do is to stay home and cook on the grill!
There has been much talk about the father’s declining role in recent decades. Years ago, I read a short article on what the author referred to as “the holidays that are less celebrated” in the nation than they used to be. Near the top of the list was Father’s Day.
A friend of mine noted with much irritation the way adult males, particularly fathers, are portrayed on television sitcoms. I think we have all seen them. They are bumbling, stupid and inevitably bailed out and rescued by their children. Sitcoms, as we all know, do not accurately depict family life with problems and trials being solved by the conclusion of a thirty minute episode.
Now let’s personalize it further; let’s carry it into the church. It has been said nationwide that female attendance and leadership exceeds male participation in every church. What this “statistic” is implying is a wholesale drop out of men in church involvement. Are these alleged facts true? I have strong doubts they are. Consider our own church, Deer Creek Presbyterian. There is and always has been a strong male presence in the life of this church.
As a young boy, I can remember my father being involved in Sunday School. One of my earliest memories was a reenactment he produced and directed of the Exodus and the battle of Jericho. Returning to his home city, he filmed the battle scene at a historic castle in a nearby nature preserve to simulate the walls of Jericho while we, the Sunday School class, marched around them. He then violently shook his “super 8” movie camera (before the days of built in camera stabilizers) to simulate the collapsing walls. It was an Oscar worthy film!
Now let’s think about Father’s day in connection with the themes and ideas we mentioned on Memorial Day and Mother’s Day. We mentioned the “cloud of witnesses” that have come before us as part of our memorial celebration. That same concept applies to all of us on Father’s Day. How many good and honorable men have we know here at Deer Creek alone?
Then on Mother’s Day, we learned of the feminine grammatical expression found in the Old Testament concerning the Holy Spirit. We see the beauty and balance of God’s creation in both feminine and masculine identities.
The reading from above is from the book of II Samuel, in which David is promised and eternal kingdom that will last beyond his own son, Solomon. Do not miss the messianic implications of this passage, pointing to God’s own Son, Jesus Christ. God has always believed in, called and ordained men and fathers. God offers his Word to show what He expects, values and wants in the creation He called “Adam”-man. We see in the scriptures these characteristics expressed in specific detail in the life of Jesus Christ. He is our role model and our guide to being men. As we celebrate Father’s Day, it is time to re-embrace this holiday and the role of men in our lives. To all men, it’s time to live up to your example. Do people see Jesus Christ in you? I pray they do - Happy Father’s Day!

In the strong name of Jesus,

Pastor Harry