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Post Tenebras Lux

“The Light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not over come it.” - John 1:5

   How do you perceive the future and what do you think it will be like?  Does your Christian identity shape that vision?  What advances God’s kingdom?

   Have you heard it said that “if previous generations saw what was happening today, they would turn over in their graves!”  Here are some symptoms of the social issues that have challenged society:  low ethical morals, low sexual morals, disrespect for those in political office, substance abuse, the rise of cruel sports, jails filled and the death penalty being used for numerous offenses as a “deterrent”...meanwhile, nothing changes and hopelessness abounds.  In church, ineffective and indecisive sermons preached by non-Bible believing pastors are described as being cold and short - “like a winter’s day.”  The lack of a true biblical message in terms of teaching and preaching to the spiritually starving congregations is described as “dead men preaching to dead men.”  What if I told you that what I just described was not a commentary on the present day now, but on England over three hundred years ago?

  Post Tenebras Lux - “After Darkness, Light” came out of the Reformation.  In fact, it was the slogan of the Reformation: “After Darkness, Light.”  Today also, the act of corporate worship should not be underestimated for it is a place and time of encouragement, growth and unity.  That is why the author of Hebrews reminds us “not to neglect meeting together.”  In 21st century America, we are lost in a sea of individualism and we are clearly seeing the fallout.  It is the age of “me.” 

  What if we found and committed anew, to God, to Christ, and to the church?  Perhaps our desire for awakening, transformation and renewal for our communities would be achieved.  Would there be room for fear and doubt?  What if we started not with ourselves and what we get out of it, but with the very attributes of the Holiness of God.  What if that message was re-established and emphasized from the pulpits?  Can we be witnesses and show the joy in our hearts, minds and souls?  Can we have a Christ-inspired confidence in God and His Power?  Do you want to see the Spirit move again?

  Then our teaching must be sharper; our words filled with greater clarity; our theology formed with greater precision and our faith increased by the witness of God’s Word.  Stop looking down and expecting the worst.  Christ overcame the world and so will we.  Awakening happens when we commit to God with joy, openness and renewal.  Post Tenebras Lux - After Darkness Light.  That is Jesus Christ; He will overcome the darkness.

Yours in the Light of Christ,

Pastor Harry