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Preach the Word

Preach the Word

“Preach the Word, be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage with great patience and careful instruction.” - 2 Timothy 4:2

June’s newsletter will be a bit different than other monthly letters. It will be a letter for a time of reflection as well as information.
Although some of the governmental restrictions are gradually being eased, we are all still aware of the need for some restrictions and social distancing recommendations that are still in effect. While we have successfully communicated via social media, I realized that there are some who may not be connected and thus are out of the loop. Here is a synopsis of what is happening here at Deer Creek Presbyterian Church.
The most common question being asked is: “When is the church going to re-open?” The answer to that question is that the church never closed, we never ceased being the church. While worship was limited to a few, within the governmental mandate, we have had a full worship service at Deer Creek Presbyterian every Sunday. This includes hymns, praise, the reading of the Psalms, as well as an interpretation of the Word via the sermon. Many thanks to those who helped make this happen. One of the most remarkable things we have seen is the very presence and power of God in the midst of a nationwide shutdown. While we grieved for every loss, we are reminded that God is still in charge and that God is sovereign. Each week the service was streamed live via Facebook which has generated a large number of followers in many different states! Hundreds have responded to the message each week indicating that there is a hunger out there for the Word. People are hungry for a relevant and applicable message with solid Bible based teaching. As Paul implores Timothy to do, we have preached the Word here at Deer Creek in season and out of season, whether the pews are full or empty. Please pray with me that we continue to meet the spiritual needs of those watching as we transition back into our regular jobs and responsibilities.
The church remains open under the guidelines of the Governor’s Office. While the guidelines are further relaxed, I remind one and all that church attendance is to be directed by your own consciences and dictated by common sense. Although we miss you, if you are at risk, please remain at home. If you do choose to attend, remember the guidelines that are recommended: a mask, social distancing, and wash your hands.
We have held Wednesday Bible study in the last few weeks via Zoom, but are looking forward to beginning these studies in person again. These are our plans:

Tuesday, June 2 9:00 AM. Morning Study Group resumes with “Experiencing the Bible in Context” with Ray Van der Laan.

Wednesday, June 3, 6:00 PM. Evening Study of “No Wonder They Call Him the Savior” by Max Lucado.

Sunday, June 7, 9:00 AM Our Sunday School which will feature a series on “Finding Contentment in God” by Melissa Kruger.

Although our outreach via the Breakfast has been suspended for the months of June and July, we have not ceased reaching out to those in need. The Deacons have joined with the Carroll Consolidated School Corporation in providing food for local school children. Although the schools were closed, meals were still being distributed to those children from a school bus in our parking lot. The Deacons have purchased well balanced meal items to supplement the food given to the students to include their families as well. Thank you to the Deacons for stepping up! We have been able to supply these meals through the generosity of our church. We have committed to providing these meals through the month of June. The Deacons can always use more donations of non-perishable foods in the upcoming weeks.

I am pleased to inform you that on July 11th is our 6th annual Cruise-in PLUS our Garage Sale! As a part of the Lenten Journey, I asked everyone to set aside 40 gently used items that we will sell to raise money for charity. Unfortunately, the Pandemic set in and we were not able to collect them. Well, now is the time! Please take a second in your closets and cabinets for things you would like to give away and bring them to the church in the month of June. During the car show, we will sell these items in a huge garage sale with proceeds to go entirely to a deserving charity to be decided. (PS If you do have more than 40 items, don’t worry; the more the merrier!)
I want to emphasize that Susan and I have made attempts to keep everyone in the loop by phone, text, with cards or in person. We have been praying for each of you on a daily basis, and hope that you are praying as well. Too often, prayer is underestimated and underutilized, but it has proven to be very powerful in these last few months.
Financially, the church is running even with our budget. I thank one and all for the faithful giving and commitment when so much financial sacrifice is occurring. I thank I & S as well as Session for their careful discernment and guidance in the operation of the church.
Where do we go from here? None of us knows the future, be we know the One who does. We need to move forward with COURAGE and with FAITH. Fear, while a natural human response, is not of God. We have God’s promise of provision and protection if we remain in Him. We have seen countless examples of God’s faithfulness, let us remember to give thanks to God and to continue to trust in him for the future. We need to storm the gates of heaven with a Christ inspired confidence. God is active, alive and moving. Pray for an awakening; pray for a new direction; pray for a reorientation of our priorities both personal and national. And let us all live out the gospel for God’s glory!

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Harry