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What is it all about?

My mother-in-law, who watches our church service via Facebook in Florida, has pointed out that I ask a lot of questions in my sermons.  What is that all about?  Why do I ask so many questions in my sermons?  The answer is rather simple.  Scripture calls us like children to receive and accept the Gospel in childlike fashion.  What characterizes a child’s development?  Think about when your children were small.  It’s their curiosity; young children asking questions:  Why is the grass green?  Why is the sky blue?  Why does it rain?  We too need to learn by asking questions.  Do we have that same childlike desire to learn spiritually by digging deeper, asking questions and wanting to discover more?

Repetition is a literary form we encounter frequently in the Bible.  Again I use the interrogative and ask “why?”  The answer lies in the fact that this is the only way we get closer to God.  How do we get closer to God by repetition?  The answer is by being in relationship with God via the Word through constant reminder and reinforcement.  Think of what your parents may have said to you when you were a child: “If I told you once, I told you a thousand times.”  Don’t we need to “hear” everything more than once, especially “God’s message?”

   The Word of God has been called “God’s love letter to us,” but I’m not sure I envision God’s Word in quite that way.  I like to think of it more as an adventure that we are invited to be a part of!  It has all the excitement of a great book or movie; it is word that come alive!  We are all called to understand and apply what God is saying, this is absolutely essential for a believer.  And when we look at the Bible together :as iron sharpens iron: we help each other understand, learn and grow. (This is a shameless plug for attending Bible study or Sunday School.)

   So what other questions have we encountered via the sermon?  They should address all the areas that make the Word become your reality.  This connection with the text on any given Sunday makes the listener think and take action!  Throughout the Old Testament, the scripture establishes the lesson of hearing the Word of God and then doing the Will of God.  There are commands; the people make a choice and act on God’s Will.  Listen to the Word and respond; this is the basis of worship both in the Old and New Testaments. And now as well!

So based on these observations, I took a look back and these are some of the questions I have asked:

Where are you?  Are you where you are?

Where is God?

Are you praying?

Is God hearing our prayers?

What is the basis of our freedom in this nation?

   Now here is the big question:  Do you believe?  And what are you doing with your faith?  Are we trusting that God has all of the answers while we pray for a change of heart?

 Quite clearly the Bible answers those questions as follows:   God is with us, pray without ceasing.  God will answer our prayers in season and out.  God is the basis of our freedoms, not government.  Trust in Him, lean not on your own understanding.

   As for me, I believe; I am sharpening my faith and I am trusting God. Are  you?

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Harry


Pastor Harry