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Who are you serving

    “Choose this day whom you will serve.  As for my house, we will serve the Lord.”  Joshua 24:15

   Where does Jesus Christ fit into people’s lives?  Where does Jesus fit in your life?  Where is your faith in Jesus Christ?  Jesus is not an unknown person, yet the relevance of Christ in people’s lives is not universally acknowledged, even by people who claim to be Christians!  “Choose this day whom you will serve!”

   Value systems are shifting; the people are restless and the old things and old attitudes hold less influence.  What would your reaction be to a man yelling at you to remember the old ways?  Today we would probably dismiss him as “old fashioned”, “from another era”, or “out of touch.”  Why do we have so much trouble taking advice from those who have already traveled the road of life before us?  What is the message?  If you think I am talking about 2021, this passage comes straight from the Exodus era in the Bible.  Joshua is calling for a moral, political, intellectual and spiritual remedy for the malaise that has infected the Israelites.  This malaise would characterize the future of the Israelites that follow his reign.  “Choose this day the one you will serve,” Joshua demands.  Are we not called to answer the demand today as well?  “Choose who you will serve!”  What and whom are we choosing?  And what are the consequences of our choices?  Have we chosen correctly?

      “If I were the devil...if I wanted to engulf the world in darkness...I wouldn’t be happy until I

      seized the ripest apple on the tree.  So I’d set about however necessary to subvert the United States. 

     I’d start with the churches first - I’d begin with a campaign of whispers.  With the wisdom of the

     serpent, I would whisper to you as I whispered to Eve:  ‘Do as you please.’  To the young  I would whisper that the Bible is a myth.”  

- Paul Harvey, 1965   Pretty relevant to our world today!

    William Barclay said unbelief is not an academic problem… “The real difficulty of Christianity is twofold.  It demands an act of surrender to Christ, an acceptance of him as the final authority; and it demands a moral standing of the highest level.”

   The reason we have the Old Testament is to show God’s holiness but also to show that we are not holy.  We are not willing to accept Christ and the Bible as the final authority as we do not hold ourselves to the highest moral standards.  Can we meet that standard?  The answer is: Not on our own, and not through our works and efforts.  But if we allow Jesus Christ into our hearts, by the Holy Ghost we become Temples of the Living God with the imputed righteousness of Christ, not our own.

  What are you looking for?  Is it the easy Christianity of entertainment with fun and games and non-Biblical feel good platitudes?  Is it following anything while you earn your own salvation and the world’s acceptance?  Or is it a faith that finds meaning in the midst of an irreconcilable war between the devil, the flesh, and the world?  Jesus is saying that all of our human valued treasures are trivial if they exist for nothing but themselves.  Do we want to go deeper, or are we happy with just believing a little?  When met with unbelief Jesus asks: “Would you believe if you saw the Son of Man ascending to the Father?”  What about you?  Will you believe only if you see?  Or will you believe based on faith?  That decision is a life determining one.  Choose correctly!!!

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Harry